In the Mood for Programming

I am a software engineer based in London, currently working for a US-based email and cloud security scale-up, Abnormal Security. Before that, I was working for Monzo and ESET.

This blog is a mix of multiple different topics. On one axis are my general blog topics revolving mostly around C++, Go, distributed systems and networking. In addition, I sometimes discuss ideas completely unrelated to my work.

In addition to elaborations of my (mostly engineering) ideas, I also try to produce summaries of different policy regimes for tech - from cybersecurity to AI and semiconductor policies.

Even though I am a software engineer, I have formal education in history and quantitative economics. However, along the way, I somehow got swayed by computers and software. Nonetheless, I am still very interested in history (being a huge fan of the Annales school of historical analysis), and also in economics (mainly macro-related stuff). My software engineering expertise is in the realms of security, networking, big data and distributed systems.

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